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Raders of the North Sea: Solo Variant


Out of stock

This is a solo variant for Raiders of the North Sea. It is also compatible with Hall of Heroes / Fields of Fame and all promo materials. This variant includes 23 scheme cards which drive the decision making process of the AI opponent.
You will always take your turn first - followed by your AI opponent. Your turns function just as they would in the standard game (with the exception of 1 Village location being blocked each turn). Your opponents turns operate differently. On their turn - reveal the top Scheme Card from the Schemes Draw Pile and follow its instructions. Your opponent will always attempt to Raid if they can. Otherwise they will Work. A very cool variant on to your Raiders game - if you find yourself without another person to play with!

NOTE - Raiders of the North Sea base game required to play with this expansion / variant. - Description from Board Game Geek
AGES 12+
CARD FORMAT - 57mm x 89mm

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