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Each of the 2 to 7 players takes the head of a??legendary city??(Babylon- Ephesus- Rhodes...)- and will have??three Ages to make it prosper??and even??build??the legendary??Wonder??of the world associated to it. The object of the game is to embellish your city and make it more influential than that of your opponents. In order to develop their city- the players will have the choice between 4 different development paths Military- Scientific- Commercial- and Civilian. At the end of the game- the player who tallied the most victory points is declared the winner. 7 Wonders is a card game with complete- accessible- and easy to setup rules for quick and rhythmic games.- Description from PublisherAGES 10+2-7 PLAYERSCARD FORMAT - 65mm x 100mmCARD QTY - 157

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