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D&D Waterdeep Bosster: Dragon Heist


Out of stock

Waterdeep Dragon Heist includes exciting new player characters & monsters like the Human Warlock of the Fiend & the devilish Pit Fiend!

Some of Waterdeeps most notorious villains make an appearance including the founder of the Zhentarim - the mysterious Manshoon. This set includes several popular animals for all your Wild Shape needs such as the tactical Dire Wolf & the vicious Brown Bear.

Collect all 44 figures from Waterdeep Dragon Heist - yet another randomly assorted monsters and heroes in our exciting line of D&D miniatures Icons of the Realms.

This is a single booster and each booster contains four randomly assorted figures total: 1 Large / Medium figure and 3 Small figures.- Description from Publisher

AGES 14+

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