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Black Orchestra


Out of stock

A tense and heart-pounding co-operative game based on historic events; in which concerned German officers and citizens attempted to remove Hitler from power; by any means necessary. Players take on the roles of these conspirators and engage in a high-risk game of growing suspicions; daring actions; and desperate plots.

The Resistance Grows. The year is 1936.

As Hitler's grasp on Germany tightens and his maniacal fervor is unmasked; men from the highest levels of the Reich begin to plot his assassination. As the clock ticks and Hitler's ambitions grow; these daring few must build their strength and prepare for the perfect moment to strike. The Gestapo hound their trail; calling these conspirators Schwarze Kapelle; the Black Orchestra.

- Description from Publisher

AGES 14+
PLAYTIME 90 minutes

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