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221B Baker Street: The Sherlock Holmes Master Detective Game


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Think you’ve got what it takes to be a Master Detective?

221B Baker Street is the London address of the world's most celebrated fictional detective; Sherlock Holmes. In this thought-provoking game; players begin at 221B; where they uncover a mystery that must be solved! From there; players must travel through the streets and alleys of London to uncover cryptic clues; as they attempt to solve the intriguing case is tying Holmes and Watson in knots!

Search for clues at different locations on the game board to help solve the mystery - there are 75 different cases to solve!

How to Play the Victorian London Detective Game:

One player selects a case card at random and reads it aloud to all players. The case card depicts a mysterious crime told in story form; then lists the likely suspects and the locations that players should visit around the board.

As clues are hidden throughout around the game board; players by roll the die to visit each of fourteen London locations. Using the notepad provided; players must collect clues from each location and note them down; in an effort to find the answers to the questions listed on the case card.

But be careful – some of the locations contain vital clues but others contain red herrings that may trip you up!

Once a player thinks that they have solved the case; they must return to the 221B location and share their theory. If correct; they are the winner!

Box contains: 1 playing board; 1 die; 6 playing pieces; 6 Scotland Yard cards; 6 Skeleton key cards; 75 case cards; and the Rules; Clues & Solutions Booklet.

- Description from Publisher

AGES 10+
PLAYTIME 60-90 minutes

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