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Flames of War: 29th Infantry Assault Section


Out of stock

Includes Brigadier General Norman 'Dutch' Cota; one Company Command team; one 2iC Command team; four Boat Sections; four Czech Hedgehogs; eight Teller mine stakes; six Small three-hole bases; nine Small two-hole bases & twenty six Medium four-hole bases.

The men of the 1st & 29th Infantry Divisions are specifically trained; organised and equipped for the Normandy invasion. With mortars; bazookas; flame-throwers and explosives; these men are ready to tackle any threat.

Careful study of the defences along the coast showed them there were weaknesses inherent in its structure; and; if the men had the right equipment and training; exploiting those weaknesses was possible. Any invading force would have to overcome wire; minefields; and bunkers if it was to be successful. Thus the planners set about to create the perfect mix of men; equipment and training.

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