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7 Wonders: Babel Expansion


Out of stock

Babel is made up of two expansions - which may be played together or separately.
The first expansion - Tower of Babel - will allow you to erect the mythical tower. Each tile built will influence all of the players with regards to commerce- war- science- and civil affairs...
The second expansion - Great Projects of Babel - will allow you to enhance the area around Babel. Build its city wall- its port- or even its archives- and raise obelisks- triumphal arches- or other prestigious monuments to surround the Tower.
For your first few games we suggest you play only with the Tower of Babel expansion- then only with the Great Projects of Babel expansion. Make sure that each player has played each expansion separately before combining them. You will then be able to combine these expansions with Leaders; Cities and/or the Wonder Pack.
NOTE This is an expansion and the 7 Wonders base game is required to play. This is NOT A STAND ALONE game.
- Description from Publisher

AGES 10+

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