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Aeldari Shroud Runners


Out of stock

Streaking into battle at speeds that render them barely visible to human eyes; Shroud Runners effortlessly outmaneuver their enemies while harassing them with pinpoint sniper fire. Each jetbike acts as the mount for a pair of skilled Aeldari Rangers; the pillion rider often entering a marksman's trance so as to aim and fire while traveling at incredible velocity. This kit builds three Shroud Runners - jetbike-mounted scouts that excel at disrupting enemy lines with their Ranger long rifles and scatter lasers. Options are included to construct riders in alternate poses - one pillion rider can be built firing a shuriken pistol or looking through binoculars; while one pilot can be assembled aiming a shuriken pistol or throwing an Aeldari tracking device as they steer their bike. The kit also comes with a choice of 4 Ranger helmets; 3 unhelmeted male heads and 2 unhelmeted female heads.

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