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All the Beer No Idea


Out of stock

All the Beer; No Idea is a beer-based brand logo quiz that features 80 iconic beers of the world. We’ve simplified the branding on bottles; cans and glasses and given you the task of identifying each beer. And if you can’t? Well; that’s why we’ve got some clues lined up; to give you a helping hand. But don’t call last orders just yet…

We’ve got 6 additional gameplays beyond the standard picture quiz. You’ll be tested on your knowledge of the origins of beer brands; their style; alcohol content and more.

These will certainly separate the ale-ficionados from the stout-right idiots. But; either way; there’s always a cool; refreshing forfeit waiting for you if you get it wrong!

All the Beer; No Idea is a cocktail of adult party game and brand logo quiz where the winners will either realise they have a photographic memory; or a serious drinking problem. Cheers!

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