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Andor: The Family Fantasy Game


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In Andor: The Family Fantasy Game; a.k.a. Andor Junior; each player chooses one of four heroes — magician; warrior; archer; or dwarf — before beginning their quest to rescue the wolf cubs lost in the dwarven mine. However; before beginning the search for the wolf cubs; the heroes must first complete the tasks given to them by Mart; the old bridge guard. Only after you have solved all of the bridge guard's tasks will he let you cross the bridge to the dwarven mines where you believe the wolf cubs are hiding. But watch out! While you are on your way; the sly dragon is getting closer to the castle Rietburg. Should it arrive at the castle before the heroes have completed their tasks and saved the wolf cubs; then all is lost; and you lose the game. If you find all the wolf cubs before the dragon reaches Reitburg; you win!

Gameplay is similar to Legends of Andor; with each game offering new challenges; which you must master together before the dragon reaches Rietburg.

- Description from Publisher

PLAYTIME 45-60 minutes

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