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Animal Crossing Guess Who


1 In Stock

Nook Inc. is pleased to introduce another perfect game to while away those idle hours with a friend during your Desert Island Getaway Package. Animal Crossing Guess Who puts a tropical spin on the classic guessing game; as you take it in turns to ask clever questions to eliminate characters and figure out who your opponent is hiding! Do they have horns? Are they furry? Are they wearing blue? Is it Blathers; Mabel or K. K. Slider? With 24 beloved Animal Crossing characters to pick from; like Tom Nook; Margie; Harvey; Flick and Daisy Mae; you’ll have hours of fun trying to guess which villager is on your opponent’s mystery card. Use the score slider in your game grid to keep track of wins; and be the first to score five points and win the championship! This game is perfect to take on your next adventure into the wild; whether you’re flying with Dodo Airlines or hitting the open road with your favourite neighbours. Animal Crossing: New Horizons has captured the hearts of gamers around the world – and now you can own a piece of gaming history for yourself. Take a break from shaking trees and catching fish as you compete to outsmart your friends and family; with this beautiful new edition of Guess Who.

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