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B??renpark The Bad News Bears??contains three separate modules that can be used inidually or together with the??B??renpark??base game. One module contains a set of new goals that can be shuffled together with those in the base game. A second module allows you to add grizzly bears to your bear park- with the grizzly bear tiles occupying seven squares in a park section. Thats quite a lot- isnt it? Well- to give your park room to grow- you now must add a fifth park section and fill it in order to complete the game. This expansion contains four new park sections- each with an exit gate so that visitors wont be stuck inside your park forever. A third module contains skinny monorail tiles that start with a value of ten points and decrease in value as you add them to your bear parks. How does one add a monorail? First you need to place tiles in your park that each contain space for a pillar- and you need to place them at the proper distance. Once you have two pillars in place- you take the topmost monorail tile- then balance it on the pillars. Now everyone can scoot around your park looking down at the bears! - Description from Board Game Geek NOTE This is a NOT A STAND ALONE GAME- it is an expansion for Barenpark-??which is required to play Barenpark Bad New Bears. AGES 8+2-4 PLAYERS

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