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Bethel Woods


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In the golden green woodlands of the Alpine Slopes; stands Bethel Woods; an orphanage once explored by young; creative minds pushing the limits of space and time; gravity and light. But when an ominous force invades the world; Bethel Woods becomes a distant memory; lost inside the thickets of the forest.

Now a group of young people; wearing the crest of the orphanage; return to finish the work that was started long ago. They must work diligently; however; to repair and restore the machines scattered throughout the forest; before the ominous force finds the technology and destroys the only chance the world has in surviving.

The cooperative game Bethel Woods is set in the universe of Hours; created by author; Jessy Ribordy (Falling Up/The River Empires) and uses a mancala-like mechanism.

- Description from Publisher

AGES 12+
PLAYTIME 40-60 minutes

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