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Black Templar Sword Brethren


Out of stock

Every Sword Brother has earned their place among the Marshal's household through acts of unswerving faith and spectacular violence. On the battlefield; they are a reaping whirlwind; unstoppable; uncompromising; armed with a lethal assortment of powered blades and thundering pistols that they turn upon the enemy in the Emperor's name.

These veteran warriors battle with a mix of melee and ranged weapons. They are lead by a Castellan who can be equipped with a master-crafted power sword or Astartes chainsword in their right hand and a heavy bolt pistol; auto-plasma; or skull relic in their left. The four remaining Sword Brethren can be constructed with a mix of weapons; including a heavy bolt pistol; pyre pistol; plasma pistol; Astartes chainswords; power swords; power maul; power axe; a set of paired lightning claws; or a thunder hammer. This kit also comes with a range of unique heads; backpack finials; and various tilting plates.

The kit is comprised of 149 plastic components; with which you can assemble five Sword Brethren; and is supplied with five Citadel 40mm round bases. These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly – we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel paints.

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