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Call of Cuthulhu Card Game


Out of stock

Something awful lurks at the fringe of human awareness; dead gods that stir in their slumber; other worlds that press in against our own. A struggle over the fates of men is raging; and you are at its heart. Take command of brave but desperate human investigators or the monstrous and depraved servants of the Ancient Ones. The Call of Cthulhu Living Card Game is a brand new incarnation of the Call of Cthulhu CCG; compatible with all previous releases. Start your game experience with the Core Game; featuring several decks that can be combined in near-infinite deck combinations; Cthulhu figurines; and essential game aids for an immersive Call of Cthulhu experience. Expand your collection with monthly Asylum Packs; adding new cards; new strategies; and new horrors.

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