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Catan: Seafarers Scenario - Legend of the Sea Robbers


Out of stock

Legend of the Sea Robbers includes four new linked scenarios that tell the Legend of the Sea Robbers to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Catan Seafarers.
Relive the exciting Catanian Legend! Become a clan leader whose adventures take place roughly 70 years after the arrival of the the first settlers. The Catanians have settled large regions of Catan and are starting to explore their surroundings by ship. One day outsiders appear at the coast of Catan. Shipwrecked! Where did they come from and what happened to them? ..and so the legend begins.
NOTE: This is NOT A STAND ALONE GAME - to play with this scenario expansion - the Catan Base Game AND the Catan Seafarers Expansion are required.

- Description from Publisher

AGES 10+
PLAYTIME 90 minutes (per session)

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