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Averages Dice


12 In Stock

No - not average as in mediocre - average as in - the dice gives you averages!
These are a standard 16mm size with rounded corners and are numbered 2- 3- 3- 4- 4 and 5. These dice are produced by??Chessex- who make the highest quality opaque dice with large readable numbers in a clear contrast to the base colour.
This sale is for a single average die.

NOTE: The colour/design* of the dice will be at random from an assortment of what is available. If you have a preference of colour/design- we will try to choose accordingly if you write a note at the Checkout. But please understand- that colour variations can be limited in each dice pool- so there is NO GUARANTEE you will get that exact colourdesign you asked for.

*The image is an example of the dice colourdesign variation (but is not limited to) what you may receive in your order.

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