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Frostgrave: Chronomancer & Apprentice


Out of stock

Potentially the most powerful of all wizards; Chronomancers use magic to manipulate time itself. As the youngest branch of magic; it is less developed; and less understood than any of the others; and is thus potentially more dangerous. Chronomancers tend to be gamblers and risk-takers; those who prefer a quick path to power. Chronomancers have no specific style of dress; although they tend to like outfits that project a sense of power; and often carry a large sword or other intimidating weapon; even if they have little skill in wielding it. It is not uncommon for some parts of a Chronomancer’s body to appear older than other parts. In some cases; they will even have one side of their face looking much older than the other side.

Two 28mm sized Pewter miniatures; supplied unpainted.

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