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Codex Supplement Black Templars


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Warhammer 40K - Codex Supplement: Black Templars
Inside this codex supplement; you'll find 80-pages covering everything you need to continue your eternal quest; plus a hefty selection of lore and art to inspire your own collection.
Inside this book; you'll find:
- The history of the Black Templars; exploring their countless crusades in the Emperor's name
- A detailed description of non-Codex-compliant Chapter organisation; including how they operate in aspects of recruitment; organisation; and military doctrine
- A rundown of the background details for every zealous unit and pious Character
- A showcase of stunningly painted Citadel miniatures
- Rules for units that are only available to the Black Templars – including six datasheets
- Bespoke Stratagems; four unique Templars Vows – each including a Vow and a Passion – and rules for Relics and Relic Bearers; representing the esoteric ways in which the Black Templars wage war
- Characterful Crusade rules providing new Agendas; Requisitions; and Battle Traits for the Black Templars; plus rules for Oaths of Crusade and Reclaimed Relics
- And more!

You will need a copy of Codex: Space Marines and the Warhammer 40;000 rulebook to use the rules included in this codex supplement.

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