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Cognition Game


Out of stock

What type of thinker are you? Are you a lateral thinker; a critical thinker; instinctive or destructive? Would you describe yourself as creative or deductive? A Mr Spock type or more like The Riddler? Does your approach to life mirror the sharp analysis of Sherlock Holmes; or the poetry of Shakespeare?

No matter what your style; Cognition is a game that is guaranteed to test your mental stamina and tickle your funny bone in equal measure!

Ask yourself; how well do you know the person sitting next to you? Are your ESP powers in good shape? Perhaps you’re a whiz at solving codes but do you have any idea what your car number plate is? You might be as wise as Yoda; but do you know the names of Frank Zappa’s first two children?

So; if you can combine strategy with smarts; have a bit of luck; can manipulate others without them realizing it; have a knack for languages and a memory for things everyone else has forgotten they ever knew; you’re on your way to becoming a Cognition master!

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