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Dead man's Hand - Kelly Gang


Out of stock

Boxed gang of Kelly Gang including special rules card and bases.

To many locals the Kelly gang are heroes; fighting against a corrupt and unjust system. To others he's a murderer; a common criminal to be loathed. To the authorities he and his gang are to be hunted mercilessly; brought to justice and a short drop and a sudden stop. Whichever is true one thing is for sure; anybody who crosses the Kelly gang faces a terrible; almost unstoppable foe.This box set contains 5 Kelly figures; bases and Kelly rules card; all you need to play Dead Man's Hand. Sculpted by Mark Evans.

The Dead Man's Hand Rule Book and Dead Man's Hand Down Under Source Book are required.

*Miniatures come unpainted.

Miniatures for use in Dead Man's Hand the miniature gang but can be used for any 28mm system!

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