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Deep Sea Adventure


2 In Stock

Risky treasure hunting in the depths of the sea...

A group of adventurers got together on a submarine to try and gather the treasures that sleep at the bottom of the sea. Everyone geared up in diver suits; but having a very old submarine means sharing the same oxygen tank. If one of them dives too deep; the other divers' lives will be on the line! Will the adventurers make it back to the submarine safely?

Playing Deep Sea Adventure; you have to dive deeper using the dices.

The deeper you dive; the higher are the chances to get good treasures; but if you take too many; the oxygen in your shared tank will be used up quicker.

Inside the nicely designed; compact; blue box you will find 48 chips; a submarine; colorful meeples and two dices with numbers from 1 to 3.

- Description from Publisher

PLAYTIME 30 minutes

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