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Dungeon Date


2 In Stock

Date an owlbear; make friends with a gelatinous cube; backstab your best friend’s orc boyfriend! Dungeon Date is a fast; fun card game for 2 to 4 fresh-faced adventurers. Build an outfit of stylish adventuring gear; then use your sweet look to romance; befriend; and slay a dungeon-full of monsters!

Each turn; players choose and reveal action cards; visiting one of four dungeon doors to encounter monsters in the dungeon. Romance; befriend; or slay the monster you encounter by matching the style symbols for that action on the monster card. Plan carefully around the other adventurers in the dungeon -- if you visit the same door; you must fight; comparing fight values from your current action card plus the card you played on the previous turn. Visit the stylomancer to enchant your outfit with additional style symbols and claim a personal style. At the end of the dungeon season; score renown from sets of monsters collected and for in-fashion style symbols in your final outfit. Most renown wins!

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