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Firefly Fluxx


1 In Stock

The Shiniest Ever-Changing Card Game in the ‘Verse

Join Mal; Wash; Zoë; Inara; Kaylee; Jayne; Simon; River; and Book as Fluxx enters the 'Verse at full speed. With the rules constantly changing; Firefly Fluxx is just as unpredictable as misbehaving in space! Featuring sumptuous art by Adam Levermore; Firefly Fluxx is perfect for fans and collectors of both Firefly and Fluxx.

It all begins with one basic rule: Draw one card; Play one card. You start with a hand of three cards... add the card you drew to your hand; and then choose one card to play; following the directions written on your chosen card. As cards are drawn and played from the deck; the rules of the game change from how many cards are drawn; played or even how many cards you can hold at the end of your turn.

- Description from Publisher

PLAYTIME 10-40 minutes

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