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Flag It


Out of stock

EXCELLENT PUZZLE FROM THINK TANK . Brain teasers and puzzles are a great way to enhance the intellectual skills of your children. Tricky games engage the mind; stimulate creativity and sharpen cognitive skills. This Think Tank Games Flag It will pose a good challenge for your smart kids. This set has three two-sided game boards and twelve two-sided grid cards; the game boards feature twenty four flags in all. All your children have to do is place the grid cards on the boards in such a way that only the designated flags are seen. This activity is not as simple as it sounds; putting all the grid cards in their right places gets tricky and challenging as all the flags are jumbled up and the grid cards are fixed. There are also different levels of challenge in this game which will certainly keep your children engaged for a long time. Encourage your children to think hard and come up with different possibilities to finish all the levels in one hour. Brainteasers stimulate the brain .

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