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Forklift Frenzy


1 In Stock

Get ready for a flurry of frantic forklifting!

Start the round by drawing a card. Your goal is to stack the barrels to match the challenge card and then place that stack on your platform first using ONLY one of the two toy forklifts.

Can you win the most cards AND keep your warehouse accident-free?

Classic vehicle play becomes a thrilling stack-and-match challenge with Forklift Frenzy - no forklift license required!
Game of stacking barrels with toy forklifts
Encourages fine motor skills; spatial reasoning; sequencing skills; problem-solving
Use the toy forklifts to stack the barrels so they match the challenge card
Press down on the forklift to lower the forks; release to lift barrels
Forklifts roll on free-rolling wheels. Includes 2 forklifts; 2 platforms; 12 barrels; 30 challenge cards. Forklifts each measure 3.35 x 6.3 x 4.72 inches

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