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Germania Magna


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The Roman Empire exists for almost 400 years. It is; however; but a pale shadow of what it used to be in the times of Caesar or Trajan. The World is changing and new powers are rising; soon they will begin to harass and attack the Roman lands. Deep within the impenetrable and dark forests; which stretch beyond the rivers of Rhine and Danube; live brave Germans; who turn their greedy eyes on rich towns and villages spread across the Roman provinces. It would be; however; a lot easier to pillage and conquer if not for rivalry and constant wars between tribes and warbands.

Germania Magna: Border in Flames is a card-wargame of shifting alliances. Each player assume the role of a Germanic warlord leading his warriors into Roman provinces; which lie across the Rhine and Danube rivers. The Roman Empire is still too strong to be conquered; but its fields and cities provide loot for your warriors; and its armies give you an excellent opportunity to prove yourself as a worthy leader and; by doing so; to achieve eternal glory for yourself. The enemy is very powerful; so to win you need to forge alliances (however fragile) with other warlords; who will switch sides each time the tide of war changes.

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