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Harry Potter: A Year at Hogwarts


Out of stock

You just received your letter to enter the most famous School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Hogwarts directed by the greatest wizard of all time Albus Dumbledore.

You will win the game by owning the most House points; awarded by participating in Quidditch match; duelling; spending your exams in the classrooms; completing your missions; and more...

Have fun by playing all Harry potter and friends adventures.
3 game-mode : Beginner Wizard; Advanced Wizard or Teaming; Return of Lord Voldemort.
The game can play solo.

Relive all the Harry Potter saga thanks to 30 dedicated missions:
1 to 10 : Book and Film 1; 2 and 3
11 to 20 : Book and Film 4 and 5
21 to 30 : Book and Film 6 and 7
Box contains :
1 main board
3 annex boards
210 cards
30 Missions cards
60 House points tokens
36 Objects tokens
20 Floo powder tokens
10 Portkey tokens
15 character sheet + pawns

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