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Bolt Action: Italian Bersaglieri Infantry


Out of stock

The Italian Bersaglieri features the following metal miniatures:
1 officer and 2 accompanying shooters.
12-person squad: non-commissioned officer with a machine gun or carabiner; 2 Breda light teams and 7 shooters.
The 3-person team is defending the medium Breda.
2-person Brixia lightweight mortar team.
All of the above miniatures come with sun visors with the distinctive black Bersaglieri feathers. These figures are perfect for battles fought in the Western Desert and Tunisia.

Bersaglieri have a long and beautiful tradition in the Italian army. Established in 1836; it is an elite infantry unit and is famous for its small arms skills - Bersaglieri in Italian means sharpshooter. They recruited only the best people in their ranks; and even today they were known for their ability to walk and deploy quickly. This elite body shows its prowess by wearing a surprising bundle of black capercaillie feathers in their hats and helmets!

During World War II; the Bersaglieri fought in France; Greece; North Africa; and even on the Eastern Front; as well as in the battle for their homeland; Italy; where they deserved the respect of their enemies and thanks to their allies. Like the famous German Marshall; Erwin Rommel once said: The German soldier made an impression on the world; but the Italian soldier Bersagliere made an impression on him.

Avanti camerati!

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