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Japanese the Game Travel


Out of stock

Japanese: The Game is a language-learning card game. The cards in the game each have a Japanese word on the obverse. Players use these cards to build melds following a colour pattern that forces the melds to be grammatically correct Japanese sentences.

The game has solo; collaborative; and competitive modes to allow for play and learning in both individual and social situations. The game play in competitive mode allows for building and improving one's melds to gain points that enable the player to eliminate opponents' melds.

The educational focus of the game is to practice sentence-building in a fun environment. This practice has the side-effect of exposing players to the vocabulary on the cards as well as training the mind to create proper Japanese sentences with any Japanese words they learn or already know.

This 36-card Travel Expansion is geared to teach you words you’ll need to get around in Japan. Words like Hotel; Where; and Bathroom as well as Pay; Taxi; Fare; Train; and Ticket will make your adventures in the Land of the Rising Sun more comfortable and less stressful.

Each expansion to Japanese: The Game adds new vocabulary words; and thus the rules that go along with how each noun; verb; or particle can be placed to make a sentence.

The expansion decks are shuffled in with the main deck to accommodate more players (the game plays 2 by itself and needs either an additional core deck or an expansion to accommodate more); or just to add less common words to the mix for 1-2 players.

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