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Jim Henson's Labyrinth: The Card Game


Out of stock

Pit your skills against your friends and family in Labyrinth: The Card Game inside an elegant magnetic-clasp box.

A game for the whole family; based on medieval card games and set in the magical world of Jim Henson's Labyrinth.

The deck of the Labyrinth Card Game includes 80 beautifully illustrated tarot-sized cards; divided into 24 Major Suit cards ('Labyrinthes') and 4 x 14 Minor Suit cards ('Owls'; 'Clocks'; 'Orbs; and 'Books').

The simple core rules allow 4 players to have a quick; fun game; suitable for all the family. The advanced rules turn the game into a more sophisticated; highly tactical experience; more suitable for grown-ups. The game is designed for 4 players.

Rules for 2; 3; and 5 players are available at the publisher's web site.

- Description from Publisher

PLAYTIME 30 minutes

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