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classgame-description-classification well ng-scope ng-ifgeekitemctrl.showclassificationsclassifications-module geekitemgeekitemctrl.geekitem classng-isolate-scope classpanel panel-bottom game-classification ng-scope ng-ifgeekitemctrl.geekitem.loaded classpanel-header panel-header-sm panel-header-condensed p classpanel-titlea nameclassificationsAll animals are thirsty after an adventurous day in the savannah- so theyve all trekked to the drinking grounds. Every animal wants to be the first to drink- but watch out! The elephant scares the lion- the lion scares the zebra- and the zebra scares the antelope. Anything can happen. The antelope might even scare the elephant. The player who scares away the most animals wins. classifications-module classgame-description ng-ifgeekitemctrl.expandabledescription classpanel panel-condensed panel-expandable ng-scope ng-isolate-scope expandable full gk-expandable-geekitemdescription expandable-height300px classexpandable-envelope ng-style{maxHeightexpandablectrl.maxHeight} classexpandable-body ng-transclude article classgame-description-body ng-scope ng-bind-htmlgeekitemctrl.wikitext|to
trusted classng-binding To set up??Kariba- shuffle the cards and deal five to each player- placing the remainder face down as a deck. Place the game board in the center of the table. During a round- a player lays down one or more cards of the same animal- placing the cards in the corresponding position (1-9) around the lake. If you have one or more playing cards of the same animal and more than three cards- then the animal left of the weaker animal (lower number) chases it. This player wins all the cards from the weaker animal- even if the number of cards higher than the driven away animal. If you drove an animal away- pick up all of the playing cards off the board and put them face down in front of you. Each card is worth 1 point- and whoever has the most points wins. - Description from Publisher AGES 7+2-6 PLAYERS article

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