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Kill Team Mordelai


Out of stock

Deathwatch kill teams are made up of veteran battle-brothers drawn from the ranks of numerous Space Marine Chapters. Each brings his own strengths and specialist skills; forging a whole greater than the sum of the kill team’s parts. Kill Team Mordelai is a perfect example of this approach.

An expansion for Warhammer 40;000: Kill Team; this box includes 5 plastic miniatures; a scenery set (with exclusive rules!); and brand-new Tactics and Mission cards. Included:

- A 5 Deathwatch Kill Team: supplied on brown plastic; these can be used to represent Kill Team Mordelai or your own Deathwatch Kill Team. This kit includes a vast array of weaponry – 5 boltguns; 5 power swords; 2 thunder hammers; a frag cannon; 2 storm shields; 2 shotguns; an Infernus heavy bolter; a Stalker-pattern boltgun; 2 power maces and a xenophase blade – along with 7 different heads and 18 Chapter-specific shoulder pads;
- A set of 3 Barbed Venomgorse: a scenery set made up of 3 individual plants. There are 3 trunks and 3 sets of flora; which go together to make the wild and strange-looking plants – there’s a lot of scope for variety; and no two Venomgorse need look the same;
- 11 Tactics cards and 2 Mission cards: the Tactics cards are split between the 4 Deathwatch Tactics taken from the Kill Team Core Manual and 6 Deathwatch Tactics exclusive to this set; giving you new ways to play with your Deathwatch kill team. Also included is a Tactics card for the included scenery; providing rules for incorporating them into your games. The 2 Mission cards are split between 1 Matched Play and 1 Narrative Play mission;
- An 8-page booklet describing Kill Team Mordelai; their history and background; along with a showcase of painted miniatures and a timeline of their deployments;
- 5 datacards for Kill Team Mordelai; ready for you to use right away;
- A sheet of card gaming tokens; including 10 Move/Charge tokens; 10 Fall Back/Advance tokens; 10 Shaken tokens; 10 Ready/Shoot tokens; and 6 Objective tokens.

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