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Kill Team: Wall of Martyrs


Out of stock

On apocalyptic war worlds and amidst savagely contested galactic strongholds; miles-long trench lines stretch to the horizon studded with bunkers; weapons batteries and redoubts. Mighty bulwarks of stone and steel loom forth from the shattered earth; resisting the onslaught of foes and providing shelter for those who know only war.

The Wall of Martyrs Killzone Environment is an expansion for Kill Team – in the packed box; you’ll find a gameboard; scenery; and exclusive rules that use the unique nature of the Wall of Martyrs terrain to introduce dangerous new missions and powerful effects to your games. Included:

- A double-sided Kill Team gameboard measuring 22” x 30”; printed on heavy; durable card stock. 1 side depicts an urban environment with a street bisecting sets of ruins; and the other an open plain pock-marked by craters;
- An 8-page booklet containing descriptions of the trenches and fortifications used across the Imperium to hold back aggressors; the manner in which kill teams use these networks of defences to their advantage; and an example of a Wall of martyrs environment built from the scenery included in the box;
- 12 Wall of Martyrs Tactics cards – these can be used by any Kill Team faction; with 7 cards providing interactions with the Wall of Martyrs scenery and 5 being used specifically by Scout; Comms; Veteran or Leader Specialists;
- A Wall of Martyrs Environment card; which provides 6 different rules allowing interaction – positive and negative – with the scenery;
- 4 Wall of Martyrs Mission cards – designed to be used in conjunction with the gameboard and scenery; this is a set of 2 Matched Play missions and 2 Narrative Play missions; which are split between attacker and defender;
- An Imperial Bunker; a set of 2 Imperial Defence Lines and an Imperial Defence Placement – these miniatures are supplied on dark grey plastic

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