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King of Tokyo/New York: Anubis Monster Pack


Out of stock

He is coming for you! While rampaging through a history museum - you accidentally stepped on a sarcophagus - causing Anubis to appear! Anubis is intent upon avenging the profaned mummy!

Can you escape the wrath of the God of the Dead as he showers curses on the town?
The Anubis Monster Pack is compatible with the King of Tokyo and King of New York base games and with all their expansions. The Anubis Monster Pack introduces a new game component in the form of the die of fate! You can use the die of fate in your games even if you play without Evolution cards or are not playing with Anubis.
NOTE - This is an expansion and it requires the Kiing of Tokyo or King of New York base game to play. It is NOT A STAND ALONE game.- Description from Publisher

CARD FORMAT - 70mm x 70mm

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