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La Cucaracula


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In Cucaracula; the third game to feature a crawling nano HEXBUG; a vampire cockroach flits through the corridors of a haunted castle. Working together; the children try to drive him out by turning on the lights in every room; but each time they encounter the cockroach; they lose a piece of their protective garlic in shock - and if their supply is used up; the monster wins! Luckily; a fresh supply of garlic will be brought in via catapult if the children manage to shoot the vampire cockroach to the moon. Can they brighten the castle before their garlic runs out?

- The cockroach turns into a cockaracula; that runs around the castle!
- Have fun hunting cockroach in the castle rooms; wins those who catch it out.
- A beautiful 3D castle; where the cockroach moves between the dark rooms

Contents: Game Board; Back Stand; Player Tokens; Game Markers; Bug Launcher; Hex Bug Nano; Game Die; Instructions

- Description from Manufacturer

PLAYTIME 15-20 minutes

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