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Lost Legacy Fourth Chronicle


Out of stock

In the distant past; a starship from a faraway world appeared in the sky. Damaged in battle; the craft broke apart and traced lines of fire across the horizon. These falling stars crashed to the surface; and in the ages to come; became enshrined in legends as the Lost Legacy. Discover where the Lost Legacy can be found and win the game!

Lost Legacy: Fourth Chronicle contains two sets of game cards: The Werewolf and Undying Heart. Each set can be played independently or mixed together with other sets to create a unique custom set. As for how to play; Lost Legacy is a game of risk; deduction; and luck for 2–4 players. You start the game with one card in hand from a deck of sixteen cards. On a turn; you do the following:

Draw: Draw the top card from the deck and add it to your hand.
Play: Choose one of the two cards in hand to play and place it face up in front of you.
Effect: Carry out the played card's effect; after which the card is considered as discarded.
End: If there is at least one card left in the deck; the turn goes to the next player; if not; the investigation phase starts. Using the investigation speed indicated on the card each player has in hand; players take turns guessing which player (whether yourself or someone else) holds the Lost Legacy card; this card might also be in the Ruins; a location that holds one card at the start of the game and possibly acquires more cards during play. The player who guesses correctly wins; if no one finds the Lost Legacy; then everybody loses.
By combining different Lost Legacy sets (while keeping only a single Lost Legacy card in play); up to six players can compete at the same time.

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