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Malifaux Mortimer the Grave Digger Single Metal Miniature


1 In Stock

Mortimer has a remarkably rich and (egg salad) flavored history in Malifaux lore; reaching as far back as first edition. With his updated look in M3E; we wanted to put that history front and center; which is why his art direction is a nod to his metallic past.

Now that he is no longer being strung along by his former employer (what was his name again?); Mortimer is now free to work with whomever he chooses. With the Versatile Characteristic; this loquacious gravedigger can lend any Resurrectionist Master a hand (or a shovel) without an additional Cost. If you want to make sure your opponent thinks twice before they Interact with a Strategy Marker; his Chatty Ability makes him a worthwhile choice in just about any Crew.

He’s sturdier than most; too. While some might chalk that up to him not being a member of the walking dead; his Regeneration +1; Manipulative; and Hard to Kill Abilities help keep him on the table.

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