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Minecraft Card Game


Out of stock

The fun keeps building with the Minecraft Card Game!

Based on the hit video game; players have the opportunity to mine; craft or reserve to win. Players mine Resource Cards of Wood; Stone; Iron; Diamond; or Gold; and then use those cards to craft Craft Cards for points. If you desire a certain Craft Card; but are currently unable to pay for it; you may put the car in Reserve to retrieve later. Craft Cards can become Tools with special powers you can you can use in your favor to control the game play but watch out! TNT and Creeper cards are hiding in the deck for unexpected upsets. The player who reaches the game point goal first; wins!

What's in the box?


Keep building the fun with the Minecraft Card Game.

Mine; Craft or Reserve to win.

Includes Resource; Craft; TNT; Creeper and Wild cards.

Reach the game point goal first and win!

The Minecraft Card Game comes with 25 Craft Cards; 24 Wood Cards; 11 Wild Cards; 9 Stone Cards; 8 Iron Cards; 7 Gold Cards; 6 Diamond Cards; 5 Creeper Cards; 5 TNT Cards and 4 Card Holders.

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