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Munchkin Gets Promoted


Out of stock

Munchkin Gets Promoted is a 15-card booster pack for use with the Munchkin base game or any other standalone titles in the Munchkin family. This booster contains three new cards – Billiard Ball of Nonexistence; Get A Head; and the titular Get Promoted – along with a dozen previously released promotional cards that are now out of print; specifically:

Curse! Zombification (From W23 Exclusive Booster 2011; Classic Door Back)
Cut In Line (Promo card; Classic Door Back)
Henchmonster (Promo card; Classic Door Back)
John of the Dead (From W23 Exclusive Booster 2011; Zombies Door Back)
The Last Laugh (Promo card; Classic Door Back)
Love Thy Neighbor (Promo card; Apocalypse Treasure Back)
Mug The Shopkeeper (Promo card; Classic Door Back)
Ranger Hireling (From W23 Exclusive Booster 2011; Classic Door Back)
Stacked Deck (Promo card; Classic Door Back)
Step-And-A-Half (Promo card; Classic Door Back)
Whim of the Elder Gods (Promo card; Cthulhu Promo Back)
Zombie Santa (Promo card; Zombies Door Back)
Of the new cards both Billiard Ball of Nonexistence & Get Promoted are for Classic Munchkin and Get a Head is for Munchkin Zombies

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