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Name the Emoticon: Travel Edition


Out of stock

Name the Emoticon - Travel Edition is a picture-based travel game. Emojis are assembled in various combinations to create a geography-based emoji quiz for all ages. Get ready to work out what those emoticons mean!

Players take turns to attempt to work out what the emojis on each card represents. Some cards just show a flag to represent a country; just like your average flag quiz. But others represent a tourist attraction or travel-related term or phrase. And those are not so straightforward...

Once you think you know what it is; just call it out. What’s the worst that could happen?? If you’re right; you’ll get to keep the card as a way of keeping score. And if; at the end of the game; you’ve got the most cards; well; guess what… you’re the winner!

Word of warning; though: emoticons are often interpreted differently depending on the person. So; don’t be surprised if your mates laugh at your far-flung attempts to guess the answers correctly.

Name the Emoticon - Travel Edition is a simple and fun game to make any journey fly by.

- Description from Publisher

AGES 12+
PLAYTIME 15-30 minutes

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