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Professor Noggins: Explorers


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From Africa to Antarctica; from Asia to America; and from past to present; learn about the trailblazers who discovered not just new lands; but new peoples and new ideas.

Players take turns rolling the die and asking each other questions from the cards. If a question is answered correctly; the card is won; if answered incorrectly; the card is returned to the bottom of the pile. The player with the most cards at the end of the game is the winner!

Players have a few chances throughout the game to get a Noggin's Choice card. This means they can choose a card from any other player; and get ahead!

Remember the correct answers! If a question is not answered correctly the first time; that question will come up again.

Contains: 30 Cards; 1 die and instructions.

- Description from Publisher

PLAYTIME 15-30 minutes

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