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Rick & Morty: The Rickshank Redemption


Out of stock

You want to know more about Rick and Morty The Rickshank Rickdemption Deck-Building Game? We can tell you everything you want to know... for money.
Nah bro - this is the sequel to Rick and Morty Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind Deck-Building Game. We know the blemflarck just tanked- so we wont even force you to buy the original to play this game. You can play this one standalone or mix the two together for a concoction almost as tasty as the Szechuan Sauce card youll find in this set. You know who really digs the Sauce? Gromflamites. They are a new card type in the set.
This new game also features a set of Council cards that will cause voting among the players to enact new rules- dramatic one-time effects- and other mysterious situations. Access Tokens give you votes (and a shot at devaluing the Galactic Federation currency from 1 to 0)- so get them before theyre all gone! And if theyre gone- scratch and claw them away from your foes!(Promo was only included in first printing of the game) - Description from Publisher

AGES 17+

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