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Roll for the Galaxy: Rivalry Expansion


Out of stock

Roll for the Galaxy: Rivalry; the second expansion for Roll for the Galaxy; consists of three expansions in one box.

First; it adds expansion content to the base game: 62 more game dice; a new die type; start factions; home worlds; and more than double the number of game tiles for the bag as in Ambition; the first expansion for Roll. This material is compatible with Ambition; but that expansion is not required to play Rivalry. If you are familiar with the dice from Ambition; then you can add this content and start playing immediately. (If not; you'll need to read about the new dice.)

Rivalry also contains two optional game modules — the Deal Game and the Orb Game — which can be played separately or combined. These modules can also be combined with the goals in Ambition; although the publisher suggests not combining them all at once for new players!

NOTE: This is NOT A STAND ALONE GAME and requires the Roll for the Galaxy base game to play!

- Description from Publisher

AGES 14+
PLAYTIME 30-60 minutes

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