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Runequest Roleplay in Glorantha


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“Mythology is more than old lies and stories; pseudo-scientific explanations for natural phenomena; or hidden secrets of forgotten lore. It is a state of mind and a way of life. It has a sentience and life of its own: a power. RuneQuest lets you experience that state of mind and explore that way of life through the mythic realm of Glorantha.”

RuneQuest is the essential game of sword; sandal and sorcery!

Enter a Bronze Age world where you are defined by your cult and culture; where you do deadly combat with mythic and fantastical beasts; where everyone can use magic; and where the gods are real.

RuneQuest is an RPG with a difference. It is intuitive and easy to play. All rolls are determined via the roll of percentile dice. RuneQuest has no character classes or alignments; characters are defined by their culture; the gods they follow; and the Runes that inspire them.

We invite you to set aside the mundane world and embark on a journey with your RuneQuest adventurers beginning with your clan and expanding to cross the world of Glorantha and into the Hero Plane.

Characters in RuneQuest aren’t ‘rolled’. They are a seed that is planted; and they grow. You’ll determine the family history of your character which in turn teaches you the key events of the setting. Full rules for choosing your characters core traits; cults; and culture allow you to breathe life to a completely unique adventurer.

Characters advance in skills and abilities by using them in course of play. Anyone can try to pick a lock; cast a spell; or decipher some ancient runic script. In RuneQuest; you don’t spend skill points and XP - you slap on your armor and you get good at fighting.

Combat in RuneQuest is visceral and always potentially deadly; players should be mindful that even the lowliest trollkin can take out an experienced warrior with a lucky blow.

Intuitive rules for combat mean that your character always has a choice in the ebb and flow of battle. From casting spells; drawing your bow; swinging your axe and choosing how to defend yourself - which in turn can be deadly to your opponent!

Combat in RuneQuest is always high-octane; with every choice and dice roll holding the fate of your character on a knife edge.

The gods of the mythic world of Glorantha define their followers. Each god has their own cult; which will determine your characters skills; spells; and personality. With many dozens of gods; RuneQuest has a cult and god to suit each playstyle; personality; and personal aesthetic.

Three unique magic systems -Rune; Spirit; and Sorcery- make for dynamic and powerful combinations where no two RuneQuest characters will ever be alike. The simple yet deep rules for each class of magic will see you cultivating your power and defining your epic adventures.

RuneQuest is a game about culture. Full rules for dynamic downtime activities such as farming; managing households; marriage & raising children make for a deep and immersive roleplaying experience.

Building your family tree; and indeed your own familial legacy; is the stuff of epic and long-form campaigns spanning many decades and even generations.

Glorantha is a world made by the gods but shaped by the deeds of mortals. Magic is part of everyday life; and mythology is the basis of reality. Your adventurer is a mortal; destined to die; but through luck; courage; cunning; and sacrifice; can become a hero or even a god! Your adventures might start gritty and realistic; and become fantastic and mythic; only to return to gritty realism.

In Glorantha; people hold allegiance to tribe; city; and cult; not to abstract alignments or ideologies. Although humanity is the dominant species; their dominance is due only to the quarrelling of the Elder Races; who still rule large parts of the world.

Glorantha’s main theme is religion and the magical relation of humankind to the gods. In Glorantha; the gods and goddesses are real; and through their followers and cults they play an active and important part in most major events. The Sun; Earth; Air; Water; Darkness; and Moon have powerful deities associated with them; as do powers such as Death; Fertility; Change; Stasis; Illusion; Truth; Disorder; and Harmony. There are also countless lesser deities associated with things as diverse as cats; cows; boats; vengeance; and volcanoes.

Glorantha is a complete universe. It is self-contained; and from its myths to its molecules it must be taken on its own terms. However; Glorantha is filled with strange and amazing gods; cultures; and creatures both familiar and fantastic; and players should soon be enthralled by the unique features of the setting.

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