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Sails of Glory??is a series of games that recreates naval combat in the Age of Sails (1650-1815). Based on the game system used in??Wings of Glory??(formerly??Wings of War)-??Sails of Glory??uses miniatures- cards and board game mechanisms- with a special deck of maneuver cards representing the different movement capabilities of each vessel. The game will be supported by a range of painted and assembled 11000 miniatures. Players will choose their maneuver cards in secret- then reveal them all at the same moment. The card features arrows to be put in front of the miniature- then the latter is moved on top of the arrowhead. Several options on the same card are available depending on the wind and- with advanced rules- the sails used. After all ships moved- guns are fired from the sides of the miniature to targets in range. The??Wings of Glory??game system has been modified and expanded to accurately represent battles at sea between the large sailing ships of the past centuries. The first series of??Sails of Glory??will be set in the Napoleonic Age. If the game is successful- in the future??Sails of Glory??will be extended to cover other historical periods- such as the Age of Discovery- the Middle Ages and ancient times.- Description from Publisher AGES 13+2-4 PLAYERSCARD FORMAT - 50mm x 75mmCARD QTY -??136

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