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Adeptus Custodes: Sisters of Silence


Out of stock

This multi-part plastic kit contains the parts necessary to assemble a 5-model Prosecutor Squad; Silent Sisterhood warriors who specialise in longer-range combat with their powerful Umbra-pattern bolters. One model can be assembled as a Sister Superior; with her own loincloth; shoulder pad; seal and choice of 2 heads. The kit can be optionally be assembled as Vigilators; who specialise in melee and carry executioner greatswords; and Witchseekers; who carry flamers for devastating multi-target assaults. It includes 6 executioner greatswords; 5 Umbra-pattern boltguns and 5 flamers. This kit comprises 67 components; and is supplied with 5 Citadel 32mm Round bases and a Burning of Prospero transfer sheet.

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