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Solar Auxilia: Basilisk/Medusa


1 In Stock

The Medusa and Basilisk artillery tanks employed by the Solar Auxilia are armoured bombardment platforms; their heavy guns mounted on a hull derived from the Leman Russ. Enclosed against enemy fire and protected from the hazardous atmospheres of toxic or alien worlds; these mobile siege batteries can keep pace with the cohort's advance; pummelling the foe's positions even as main line units move to engage any survivors.

This multipart plastic kit builds one Solar Auxilia Basilisk or Medusa; an armoured artillery tank mounted with a powerful siege gun. The Basilisk's long-barrelled Earthshaker cannon hurls explosive shells across incredible distances; while the Medusa's mortar fires munitions heavy enough to shatter mighty walls. The tank has a fully detailed interior; and the rear door and roof can be opened to reveal two crew loading its siege gun. Both the gun and rear door feature glueless assembly options; allowing you to adjust their positions mid-game.

The tank's forward hatch can be assembled with closed doors; or opened for a Solar Auxilia spotter or gunner with a pintle-mounted weapon – a heavy flamer; multi-laser; or heavy stubber. The kit includes components to upgrade your Basilisk or Medusa with a hunter-killer missile and dozer blade; and you'll also find cosmetic options such as sigils and a choice of gunner heads.

This kit comprises 187 plastic components; as well as a Solar Auxilia Vehicle Transfer Sheet containing 180 waterslide transfers. This miniature is supplied unpainted and requires assembly – we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Colour paints.

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