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Soviet LT Mortar & Flamethrower


Out of stock

he RM-38 was a Soviet 50 mm light infantry mortar; developed as a variant
of the M1938 120 mm mortar. The barrel was clamped at two elevation angles
only – 45 and 75 degrees. Range variations were made by altering a sleeve
round the base of the barrel. This sleeve opened a series of gas ports which
bled off exhaust gases and so determined the range.

The project was deemed overly complex and expensive; and was only produced
for a short time; before being replaced by the Model 1939. Despite the small
number produced; some fell into German hands in 1941; who introduced them as the
5 cm Granatwerfer 205/1.


1 50mm light mortar Team
1 Flame-thrower teams

The models come supplied unpainted and unassembled; contents may vary
from the box image.

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