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classgame-description-classification well ng-scope ng-ifgeekitemctrl.showclassificationsclassifications-module geekitemgeekitemctrl.geekitem classng-isolate-scope classpanel panel-bottom game-classification ng-scope ng-ifgeekitemctrl.geekitem.loaded classpanel-header panel-header-sm panel-header-condensed p classpanel-titlea nameclassificationsFollowing the events surrounding Shy Pluto- two new zones within known space have opened up. The Admiral has promoted two new Captains to the rank of Commodore to command these new space bases and work their sectors! classifications-module classgame-description ng-ifgeekitemctrl.expandabledescription classpanel panel-condensed panel-expandable ng-scope ng-isolate-scope expandable full gk-expandable-geekitemdescription expandable-height300px classexpandable-envelope ng-style{maxHeightexpandablectrl.maxHeight} classexpandable-body ng-transclude article classgame-description-body ng-scope ng-bind-htmlgeekitemctrl.wikitext|to
trusted classng-binding The??Space Base Command Station??expansion allows players to expand their games of??Space Base??to include two more players and adds pre-deployed ship cards to adjust for balance and gameplay with more than five players. Now six or seven Commodores can compete for the promotion to become the Admiral of the U.E.S. Fleet! The??Space Base Command Station??box is designed to be large enough to hold the??Space Base??base game- the??Shy Pluto??expansion- and additional future expansions in one convenient storage box. NOTE??This is NOT A STAND ALONE game- Space Base the base game is required to play it. article - Description from PublisherAGES 14+2-7 PLAYERSCARD FORMAT - 40mm x 89mmCARD QTY -??20

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